Rocklin History

I have a deep love for the bass guitar. The first song I learned on bass guitar was Brenton Wood’s “Gimme Little Sign Girl”. From there on it was a lifelong love affair.

In the mid 1960’s the electric bass guitar was still in its infancy. Various genre of music was still discovering the full potential of the evolving instrument.

I am a local bassist in a local band and have in my time traveled many miles from club to club, picking up an occasional concert here or there. I was always aware of what the latest gear was and who was doing the most amazing things on the bass guitar at the time. And I wanted to learn it all!

With 46 years of bass guitar performance behind me I started developing my favorite bass. Choosing light weight and well balanced unique designs I could still incorporated everything else that works well in a bass instrument. Neck through design, sturdy bridges, sealed tuners, powerful passive pickups and a feel that makes you thump!

Rocklin Basses are designed with the working bassist in mind. We offer a bass for every groove. Your sound will make your performance. All Rocklin Basses are made to my design specifications. They are manufactured by hand in an international facility. Our manufacturer is already well established in today’s world marketplace with brand names easily recognizable in Music Stores and Music Catalogs on several continents.

I am so pleased to show you these bass guitars.

Robert P. Nicklin

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